Productivity in a Mug: How Coffee Can Make Workers More Productive [Infographic]

With the endlessness of tasks and errands in the workplace comes the endlessness of reasons you have in not doing them. You can always provide reasons to put off work. Random things immediately become surprisingly interesting next to piles of paperwork and office tasks: funny videos and pictures over the internet for example. It is utterly usual that when you wish to accomplish one thing, several other things arise which consume a hefty portion of your attention. By the time you actually decide on doing your work, you’re left with little to no energy to even function. What can you do to be more productive? A simple cup of coffee can be the answer to that question most of the time.

There are a handful of ways for you to be productive. For one thing, you can learn the process of task management if you wish to accomplish anything at work. Task management simply means that: efficiently managing your tasks. It is no secret that the workplace provides you with a load of errands and though your instinct is to freak out, you should do otherwise. Collect yourself and accept that these tasks need to be done. Afterwards, list them down so you can visualize what you need to do. Arrange them according to urgency so you also know which to do first. Follow this schedule no matter what! After you finish a task, cross it out on your list (the use of excessive pen strikes is an option). Planning the manner of doing your tasks is easy; it’s actually doing them that’s a bit difficult. This is where coffee comes in.

One active component of coffee is caffeine and caffeine can do wonders to your body. One, it increases the production of dopamine and norepinephrine which can actually make your brain work more efficiently which, in a way, can you make you smarter. Two, caffeine aids in metabolism and oxidation of fatty acids. This helps improve your body’s physical performance and helps you do tasks well. Coffee provides you with energy and stamina to go through your list of tasks. So when you find yourself losing not only the will, but also the juice to finish your work, grab a cup and brew or mix yourself one. There’s nothing a little sip of coffee can’t solve. Here’s a helpful infographic that show how coffee serves various industries as their pick-me-up:

Coffee at Work: A Pick-Me-Up for Workers

by CareerBuilder.
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