Go For A Business With A Greener Competitive Advantage

Stay in line with the top companies and even reach the top of your industry’s league. It’s time to join the green bandwagon!

The green pool has been around for more than a decade. Starting from the media, politicians, to non-governmental organizations, and just about everyone is pushing for a “green” world. Technically, going green is an ideology to create and go about a society rooted in environmentalism and sustainability. With global issues such as global warming heating up the world today, more and more people are looking for ways to give back to mother nature, even building green architecture and planting on every empty space.

To start off the campaign, environmental organizations such as Greenpeace are persuading companies to go green. Companies, including the big ones such as the Bank of America, McGraw Hill Publishing, HP, Intel, and Microsoft, among others, have seen the benefits of an eco-friendly business. So if you’re thinking of going green, here’s why you should take the plunge!

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Solid Great Reputation

Going green shows off a good public image for your company, saying that it cares for the environment as much as it cares about its revenues. Many environmental groups have been gunning down companies who do not care about the environment and continue to abuse the natural resources. The media perceive such actions and report them to the public, and no corporation wants to have bad publicity. For most environmental groups, going green and supporting sustainability is part of a company’s social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is exercised by most successful companies to establish their image towards extending their hand to those who need utmost help, and that includes our environment. Most companies have gone through a paperless workplace – a move towards saving trees. Other movements include the last 2 Rs, recycling and reusing. Plunging down to the green pool puts your business under a positive light, serves as an example for other companies, and is passed down to your employees, spreading the green movement like wildfire.

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Gain Customers and a Respected Brand

Most customers or consumers have increased environmental awareness, all thanks to the media and various environmental groups. With this they have established to put their trust on brands that care enough for the environment, which also translates to caring for them as customers. May it be green sustainable architecture or simply reducing the use of paper, you are taking responsibility over your use of the various environmental resources, giving you credibility and a competitive advantage against other companies.

Other housing development companies even embrace this green concept since it strengthens their business by transforming city living into living closer to mother nature. Green architecture or green sustainable architecture has been a buzzword nowadays, referring to buildings which seek to minimize the use of non-renewable energy and materials. Companies which choose green sustainable architecture are conscious to preserve energy and the environment in hopes of preserving every opportunity presented by these resources to the future generation.

Lesser Costs

Changes in the company might translate to additional operational costs. True enough, going green covers a great percentage of operational and machinery costs. Energy-saving appliances that have come out today contain advanced technology which is not cheap. However, contrary to this fact, this change may improve your company’s efficiency and even save you thousands every year. Energy-saving appliances may be costly, but in the long run, your office will save a huge amount of money from electricity bills. This just proves that the expenditure is worth having compared to replacing the old ones with new machinery that could cost twice your current energy bill.

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Reduce Wastes and Carbon Footprint

One global issue is the increasing carbon footprint most companies make. As such, other companies have taken steps to reduce the use of fossil fuels through transporting goods and products. Researchers have seen that reducing the footprint and wastes improves business efficiency. Apparently 15% could be reduced in paper consumption and costs, 20% in water consumption and costs, and 30% on energy consumption. Once a business goes green, the results could be greatly seen in the costs and the wastes, which improves the business efficiency.

Employee Retention

Going green provides an excellent working environment for their employees. Having an excellent office means productivity of each satisfied employee. Having clean air and reduced toxic waste materials decrease the number of employees who suffer from various health issues, resulting to less absenteeism due to illnesses, increasing their productivity at work. This also adds to the good reputation of the company by attracting talented employees ready to work for an organization takes good care of their own.

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Help Earth

Forget increased sales and public image. The first and top priority companies should have is to protect the environment. There would be no business for your company if there is no planet to work on. People behind large companies, or people in general should realize that the world could not take care of itself. It does not have hands to remove the wastes thrown in it, nor to take away the lives of those who ruin its beauty.

Companies should realize and take the responsibility of replacing, if not sustaining, the resources that they have utilized, and not focus only on gains and profits. Technically, going green is aiming for the success for your company while achieving sustainability and mainly helping Earth.

Companies have gone green and spending money is the least of their problems. Slowly, people are waking up for the need to help sustain the planet while addressing the needs of people. The corporate world has stood up to their social responsibility to help sustain the environment without sacrificing their business. In all, companies have seen that embracing green is great for their public relations’ standpoint. So why not take the plunge and have a greener edge to your business for a competitive advantage.

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